James Cagney's 11 Best Roles Of All Time

When it comes to great classic film performances, James Cagney is no stranger to epic roles. Cagney played a wide variety of roles, but we, and many others love him especially for his tough guy parts. So naturally, they filled the majority of spots when we put together our list of his 11 best.

1. George M. Cohan (1942, 1955)

This award winning part for Cagney was amazing in Yankee Doodle Dandy, and he even reprised the role later in The Seven Little Foys.


2. Cody Jarrett (1949)

This intense role in White Heat is one of his most recognizable.


3. Dan Quigley (1933)

Another dramatic role, we can't help but love the performance he delivered with Mae Clarke in Lady Killer based on the story "The Finger Man".


4. Chester Kent (1933)

This role from Footlight Parade is by far one of his most interesting. Of course, it helps that the musical tells a great story and was so culturally significant that it was chosen for preservation by the Library of Congress.


5. Tom Powers (1931)

Cagney's amazing performance as Tom Powers in The Public Enemy makes the film one of his most notable.


6. Rocky Sullivan (1938)

Angels with Dirty Faces is another classic - and by far Cagney's best tough guy role.


7. Martin Snyder (1955)

You already know Love Me or Leave Me is one of our favorites because of Doris - but Cagney puts on a great show as well!


8. Capt. Morton (1955)

Mister Roberts is one of Cagney's most fascinating films - and he definitely made the character memorable for everyone who watched.


9. Eddie Bartlett (1939)

The Roaring Twenties is another one of our favorites - with Humphrey Bogart playing counter to Cagney, there's nothing like it.


10. Frank Ross (1939)

Each Dawn I Die features another one of Cagney's gangster roles that we can't help but love.


11. Steve Collins (1941)

Last but not least, The Bride Came C.O.D. is one of his most hilarious roles where he plays opposite of Bette Davis in a tale of faux kidnapping.


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