Top 11 Judy Garland Moments In Film

A lot of people focus on actresses' best films. But when it comes to Judy Garland, we should instead be focusing on her best moments. Here are our 11 favorites, in chronological order. 1. "Dear Mr. Gable, You Made Me Love You" - Broadway Melody of 1938

This scene (and movie) brought Judy Garland into the national spotlight, and she became known as the little girl with the great big voice.

2. "Swing Mr. Mendelssohn" - Everybody Sing

Another of Judy's earlier films, this scene is a classic.

3. "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" - The Wizard of Oz

Perhaps Judy's most well remembered scene, this one was almost cut from the movie!

4. "Our Love Affair" - Strike Up The Band

You can't consider Judy without also thinking of Mickey - and this is one of their best moments together.

5. "For Me And My Gal" - For Me And My Gal

This number with Gene Kelly is one of the best.

6. "Could You Use Me?" - Girl Crazy

7. "The Trolley Song" - Meet Me In St. Louis

8. "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" - Meet Me In St. Louis

One of Judy's most well-remembered scenes - this was written just for her.

9. "We're A Couple of Swells" - Easter Parade

This number with Garland and Astaire was an instant classic. She loved the theatrics of this role.

10. "Get Happy" - Summer Stock

11. "The Man That Got Away" - A Star Is Born

Which of these Judy moments do you remember the most?