The Top 13 Bette Davis Films Of All Time

We absolutely adore any Bette Davis movie - and while they're all amazing, her best performances are truly so spectacular that we think EVERYONE, fan or not, needs to watch them. These 13 films are her best by far, and they need to be at the top of your list - that is, if you haven't already seen them a dozen times like we have! 1. Of Human Bondage (1934)

Our favorite Bette Davis film from her earlier performaces, this is an epic scene showing her best dramatic acting.

2. Jezebel (1938)

Jezebel has to be one of her top films, and how could you not love beautiful Davis in this scene.

3. Dark Victory (1939)

Bette, having just found out she has a few months to live, delivers an epic performance in this scene. While not one of her most celebrated roles, is one of our favorites.

4. The Letter (1940)

Another amazing performance from Bette Davis, this is such an epic story.


5. The Great Lie (1941)

This wild movie, and one of the most entertaining performances from Davis and Astor, has a great combination of dramatic and heart-wrenching moments.

6. Now Voyager (1942)

A classic Davis film, Now Voyager tops our list for sure!

7. Old Acquaintance (1943)

Another great film, this argument is one of her best scenes.

8. A Stolen Life (1946)

Another favorite, another wonderful performace by Davis.


9. Deception (1946)

This movie with Claude Rains is yet another one of Davis' best , and she offers a suspenseful performance in this pivotal scene. 10. All About Eve (1950)

Bette's classic flair for the dramatic is on full display in this scene in one of the world's favorite classic films.

11. The Star (1952)

Another pivotal scene where Bette's dramatic talent shines.

12. Whatever Happened To Baby Jane (1962)

The real life rivalry between Crawford and Davis sets the stage for an epic drama and some of their best performances in this film.

13. Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte (1964)

Finally, this is one of her later films but can't be overlooked for her thrilling performance.


What is your favorite Bette Davis movie?


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