Meet the Chillin' Cast


Larry Magen


Larry Magen is the executive producer for Night Owl TV, a TV host turned entrepreneur with a passion for preserving classic film, sport, and music culture. Larry Magen has led a diverse and active life both personally and professionally. Back in the 70’s, he owned two ladies clothing stores, pioneering the “wholesale to the public” name brand discount type of operation in Los Angeles. In the 1980's Larry branched into the world of advertising and spent more than ten years in “sports marketing.” In the mid-nineties, Larry’s career took an interesting turn into direct-response marketing as a show host on home shopping television specializing in gems, jewelry and fine timepieces.

After hosting more than a thousand hours of live programming and becoming one of the network’s most popular and top-selling show hosts, Larry returned to the American business landscape of independent business owners with his own jewelry business, Phyllis Nicole Fashion Accessories. Once Larry divested himself of the business, he ventured back to corporate America and served successfully in a marketing capacity including a return to direct response home shopping television on a jewelry shopping network. When the opportunity opened up at Stührling Original in 2004 for someone to take the reins, particularly on the marketing side, Larry could not resist, and moved his life from Los Angeles to New York.





Maureen Lee Lenker

Classic Film Correspondent


Maureen Lee Lenker is a writer, actress, and freelance journalist. She has written for The Hollywood Reporter, Turner Classic Movies, BitchMedia, LA Weekly, and more.  She writes a monthly column on Groundbreaking Women in Classic Hollywood, which previously lived at Ms. in the Biz, but has now found a new home at The Retro Set. Her most recent short story, "The Food of Love," was published in Meryton Press' holiday anthology Then Comes Winter. An Anglophile, she attempted to fulfill her dream of attending Hogwarts by completing her master’s in British History at the University of Oxford. She is a cock-eyed optimist, rom-com aficionado, classic movie buff, musical theatre geek, and general pop culture enthusiast.


Buzz Stephens

Judy Garland Authority


Buzz Stephens is the founder of The Judy Garland Experience, Facebook's most popular and exciting Judy Garland group with more than five  thousand members and twenty thousand page subscribers! Stephens also created and administrate the popular Yahoo group of the same name, The Judy Garland Experience.  Stephens’ also has a YouTube channel that features almost four hundred rare Garland recordings and videos, as well as rarities by some of the world's most beloved Jazz and Blues artists.

For the past three years Buzz has been supplying rare material for, and appearing as a special guest on WBAI Pacifica Radio in New York City’s annual special Judy Garland broadcast.  Buzz is the first and only special guest in the forty-year history of the special Judy Garland broadcast. Future plans include producing CD's featuring a previously unreleased Garland concert, and unreleased studio sessions by the Jazz singer Bob Casanova. Buzz Stephens is also the host of the YouTube show From The Vaults With Buzz Stephens.


Roberta Naas

Watch Industry Correspondent


Founder and editor-in-chief of, Roberta Naas is a veteran award-winning journalist in the watch industry with 30 years of experience. She was the first woman watch editor in the US market – breaking in to an “all boys network” with a pioneering spirit that would remain her signature to this day. With a Master of Arts degree in newspaper journalism from the Newhouse School, Syracuse University, and as a member of Sigma Delta Chi, the Society of Professional Journalists, Naas brings responsible, factual – yet always timely and insightful — reporting of the watch industry to the forefront.

An authority in the watch industry, Naas has studied timepieces and horology from the ground up – visiting watch factories around the world, taking watch courses (disassembling and reassembling watches) with brands such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, and witnessing vast changes and advances in technology and materials. She has regularly interviewed international CEO’s, brought breaking news to light, and been given coveted behind-the-scenes access to places in horology others only wish they could go. Naas is one of the most well-respected, well-regarded watch journalists in the world, traveling the globe to re-discover time again and again.

Naas has authored six books on watches (Jewels of Time, Times of Arabia), as well as on the history of time and timepieces (Great Timepieces of the World, Master Wristwatches, Masters of the Millennium), and has written for such esteemed newspapers as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Herald Tribune, Financial Times. Naas continues to write for the world’s most trusted newspapers, consumer magazines and trade publications – turning out dozens of leading, informative articles per month. Naas also is a member of the board for several organizations, including Jewelers’ of America’s Gem Awards, Watches and Women, and Watch Stars.