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November 23rd



Welcome to Stuhrling Underground!


As the former president of nine years, and currently vice-president of Stuhrling Original (watch company) along with being executive producer of Night Owl TV, it is my joy to present some of the finest timepieces ever produced by Stuhrling Original.  These unique purchasing opportunities come at prices that cannot be beat anywhere.  In most cases, these timepieces are hidden treasures from the vault that are so limited in quantity, that these models cannot be found in stock anywhere at any price!

 - Larry Magen


The Catch

In order to be able to bring you these incredible offerings, we do have restrictions that we must abide by.  So that we do not compete directly or indirectly with any of our (Stuhrling’s) resellers, we can only allow the purchases to be made during our show time (10:30 PM E.S.T.) until 8:00 AM the following morning.  By so doing, these product offerings are presented as a weekly (or bi-weekly) special event with the chance for purchase taking place in off business hours… namely in the middle of the night.

Also, as a further restriction we are not allowed to advertise the price that we are selling the watches for in any of our promotions for the show.  We can only reveal the final sale price during the live presentations, but we can guarantee they're worth the wait. 

The Pricing

Night Owl TV’s pricing structure allows for the tightest margins that consumers can expect.  At Night Owl TV, we are charging a 15% fee (on top of our cost) to the end purchaser!  This is similar to how auction houses operate their business.  Whatever the purchase price is for an item, the buyer must pay a 15% fee to the auction house for its service.  By making pieces available to consumers in this transparent way, with such a small mark-up on the goods, we are completely unique!

In the case of Stuhrling Underground, the offerings border on the ridiculous!  We at Night Owl TV are privy to product that nearly no one else is, and we are allowed costs that are way below even the lowest wholesale prices.  Combine that with Night Owl TV’s short margins, and you get opportunities that are much better than normal, and watches are still shipped directly from Stuhrling Original in New York.